Willow Wand

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Soft and Sparky

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The Willow Wand is a suprisingly nasty toy for its appearance.  It has 15 wired tails with a soft outer coating.  The softness can be used in stroking with the wand turned off in either Indirect or Reverse techniques.

With the wand on, each tail delivers a hard and hot, steady stream of sparks.  Touch with just one tail for the full force of the current.  Touch with just a few tails, and spread it out a little more.  Touch with all of the tails and get a charge from each one.  Then go back to just one tail held a bare 1/4 inch away from the skin surface and send the entire electrical output through that narrow 1/4″ space.

Measures approximately 18″.  Black only.  Weighted handle is fully conductive for all your Indirect and Reverse play.   Limited impact.


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