Ball Chain Flogger

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Intensity 10


Intensity 10

A violet wand Ball Chain flogger to be proud of!  14 tails of #6 chain, a size which seems to hold heat or cold better than most.

Fully electrically conductive to be used with your violet wand Indirect or Reverse techniques.  Weighted, long 8″ handle for good counterbalance and control. Cut tails keep from tangling.  Stingy with some thud.  Black and silver.  Nickle plated steel balls will leave rows of tiny, precise bruises under hard impact.  Chill in the fridge, heat in hot water for temperature play, and you can do this and use it with a violet wand for cold chain plus hot sparks.  Tails stay together during swing for optimum control and precision.


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Wand Type

Tesla (electromagnetic), Nova/Solid State (Electronic)


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