Dragon Flower (Limited)

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Intensity 10+


Intensity 10+

The beautiful and exotic Dragon Flower violet wand electrode is made entirely of colorful anodized aluminum.  It is one of the longest electrodes, with a little over 12″ so that you have plenty of reach. It is a visually exciting electrode, with 5 dragon flower scales at its tip.  It is also a very strong electrode, as the aluminum carries the output current full strength.

But these are not the most unique of its features.  With its dangling dragon-flower scales, the sparks come off the scales randomly as you pounce and drag it, creating continuous new surface area for sparks.  This randomness creates unexpected sensations and spark levels.  It has a lovely light jingling and tinkling sound which your partner will come to know.

This electrode can be placed directly in the wand for Direct usage, and can be held in the hand for Indirect usage.  Direct usage will be stronger than Indirect.

To use to best effect:  insert the electrode into the wand or hold it in your hand.  Pounce and shake the dragon flower scale petals a short distance above the skin, so that the scale petals create the highest amount of randomness while sparking.  To change up, drag the scales over the skin using both tips and sides of the scales.


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Tesla (electromagnetic), Nova/Solid State (Electronic)


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