Energy Balls

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Intensity 7-8


Intensity 7-8

Energy balls are a popular violet wand item.  This heavy pair are covered in chrome plated spikes for electrical and electro-magnetic conductivity. They can be used with Indirect violet wand techniques, but using them with Reverse is best.  Roll the balls around on your charged subject.  Each spike will conduct a single spark as you roll it, so its a constant assault of rolling sparks.

In addition, the sparks are of different intensities.  This is because there is a 1,000 gauss magnet inside each ball.  This magnet attracts the charge to it first, then sends it out again as you roll it.  This makes for sparks of different intensities from the spikes as you roll them.  Roll one, or both over small or large areas.  Tuck one in an out of the way place and zap it; it will transfer the charge off its spikes to your subject.  There are a hundred creative ways to use these. For more ideas, see our product support articles.

Silver.  Sold by the pair only.


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Tesla (electromagnetic), Nova/Solid State (Electronic)


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