Torture Loop

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Torture Loop


This silvery electrode is an adjustable shielded loop.  It will not ground out on your subject because of the shielding, which means it sparks to your bottom partner even when it is touching.  So your subject can’t be bratty and move closer to it to stop it from sparking.  This one does not stop sparking.  Adjust the loop tightly for CBT or looser for breast.

Very intense.  Where it touches, it lightly glows a mystical purple inside the shielding, and sends miniature lightning bolts to skin surface.

Tips:  Use with a punishment rig.  Loop onto desired body part and adjust loop to tighten.  Use with the Extension Cable for fullest freedom of movement to get in there and lock that body part up tight for the most intensity.

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Wand Type

Tesla (electromagnetic), Nova/Solid State (Electronic)


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