Star Electrode

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Intensity 8



Intensity 8

The center of this Star has varied widths from approximately 1.5″ to 2.25″.  The inward points of the star spark inward, so it is perfectly shaped to spark anything that you surround with it.

Perfect for CBT when you first fit inside it and have to stay fitting inside it, or for sparking inward on sensitive nips.  Use the star points to send a rather unusual intense spark for a glass electrode, right where you want it.  Because the gas cycles inside a complete curve, less current is lost to corona and the end spark is more intense.

This can provide for some interesting techniques as you alternate between using the  Star Points outward, the inner points to surround areas, or the flat of the electrode as you would a spiral.  One fun electrode with a very devious side.

7″ long, almost 3″ wide.  Handblown, so allow for variations.

Medical Grade borosilicate glass for strength and safety. Available in Purple Only.

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