Helix Electrode

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Dual Colored



For those of you who love a violet wand’s glowing, pulsating visuals, this helix electrode is for you.  It’s double spiral shape is in two colors- one of the spirals is neon red and the other is argon purple.  It glows in two colors at the same time.  In a darkened room, it WILL draw a crowd.  Who can resist that glow?  Mysterious purple and fire red, it is mesmerizing.

This electrode’s best use is when you are sweeping it on its side just above the skin.  The sparks will jump hotter from the wider parts that are closer to the skin and less strong from the narrower parts of the helix that are a bit farther away.

To insert or remove this electrode, it is best gripped at the very tip where it is solid.  Do not press the spiral arms of the helix together.  And as always, please remember to insert and remove electrodes with a straight motion and insert them only until just held; do not twist or use any force when inserting or removing electrodes.


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