Saturator Rod

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Intensity 10




The saturator rod electrode fits into your violet wand as an electrode, but can also be held in the hand for Indirect techniques. Two major techniques from one toy!

It’s 6.5 inches of aircraft aluminum, and has a stainless steel insertion endcap for the smoothest perfect fit into your violet wand.  (endcap is American standard size 7/16″).  A very intense electrode for powerful play.  When inserted in the wand and gripped with your hand, it takes the place of a body contact cable.  This dual purpose use makes it more compact away from home, instead of carrying cables.

It brings the electrical current out of the wand at full power.  Use it for all your toughest jobs, it will soon be one of your most valuable accessories.


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Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Amber, Red


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