Fish Hook Electrode

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Intensity 10

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Intensity 10

This fun all-metal Fish Hook Electrode has smooth metal ball tips instead of barbs, but it still stings plenty.  It comes with or without a feather, so that you can alternate between soft and fuzzy and sharp and shocky sensations just with a flick of the wrist.

Use Direct by plugging it right into the violet wand, or use it INdirect and Reverse by using a Body Contact Cable.  It has a nice intense spark plus cool ball tips.  It’s double hooks grab various body parts; wrists, ankles or what have you.

The body of the electrode measures 9.5 inches, and the double fish hook measures 2″ x 3.5″.  7/16″ American standard size only.  Choose your option for a feather attached to the hook’s shank, and reel in your catch. Anodized aluminum and steel.


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