Laser Knife

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Intensity 8



Intensity 8

The violet wand laser knife is made especially for your violet wand knifeplay.  With their fantasy-edge metal ‘blade’ with ‘blood groove’ they are ready for your edge scenes.  When used Indirect or Reverse, the spark erupts from the blade’s entire length.  The lightup handle glows and pulsates, powered by your violet wand’s current.  Carbon fiber butt and guard are fully conductive and provide excellent contact without sparkback.  Knifeplay with a violet wand is intense, and this violet wand laser knife is made especially for it.

Techniques for use

Use with Reverse Technique for most freedom of movement and strongest spark, but can also be used indirect.

This is a violet wand accessory and is not an actual knife or cutting surface, but the metal ‘blade’ could be sharpened to your liking.  Leave one side dull and sharpen the other edge for more versatility.   Chill it, heat it, this is one toy that will take you places.


The handle of the Laser Knife glows and pulsates like a violet wand electrode.  It comes in several random handle and blade colors.

Anodized aluminum blade, electrically conductive carbon fiber knife butt and guard, polycarbonate handle


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