Mylar Flogger

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Mylar Flogger

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This is one violet wand tool that you can’t be without, the violet wand mylar flogger.  It, along with the ballchain flogger are two of the ‘must have’ violet wand toys.  Make no mistake, our mylar flogger is a serious tool.  It has more than 200 super heavy-weight industrial grade mylar tails, 1/4″ wide.  This wet-look ‘patent leather’ style very shiny jet black mylar won’t easily rip or shred and can even take some light impact in addition to the usual light stroking techniques.  With so many heavy tails, it increases the area you can cover.  They have a very hot and sharp, ‘all-over’ feel. Use all your flogger techniques; sweep, swish, strike, circles and figure 8s.  But don’t stop there–once electrified with violet wand current, how you use a flogger will produce different sparks and sensations.  Dance or pounce the tips for irritating sharp sparks, shake the flogger lightly for light sparks, and drag the tails over skin for random sparking in their wake.  To be very very evil, use on the bottom of someone’s feet, striking upward so the tips just touch their soles before falling.  And..wrapping is ok with these floggers!

Get two to match for Florentine flogging!

To care for your flogger, polish the handle for shine.  Shake out any tangles and place in any plastic bag, with the handle parallel to the floor and the tails hanging down. Wrap the tails smoothly in a spiral around the handle.

Industrial-thick mylar is heavier than consumer grade for long life for your toys. Copper handles are weighted for balance, and measure 8″ long for a good grip.  Tails are wired deep into the handles, which are left raw with an unfinished polished surface for best conductivity.   Total length is approximately 22″.


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Mylar flogger NEW colors!

Choose from Black, Purple, Teal, Red, Blue, Green, Magenta, Silver or Gold

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Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Teal, Magenta, Silver, Gold


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