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A lightbulb adaptor set is one of the two indispensable violet wand accessories that provide the most value, and most techniques possible for a single item.  The lightbulb adaptor turns any regular household lightbulb into a violet wand electrode, complete with all the sparks and shocks.  Even burned out lightbulbs can be used, so you can recycle your ‘burned out’ bulbs into beautiful and functional violet wand toys.

Electronic or solid state violet wands have a deeper nose than Tesla type (electromechanical) violet wands, in order to protect the user from receiving accidental sparks directly from the wand collet. Be sure to select the correct Lightbulb adaptor for your wand.

Each lightbulb can have as many different properties as violet wand electrodes; differing in color of glow, strength of spark, output, and behavior of the streamers.  So using lightbulbs as violet wand electrodes provides endless variations in techniques and sensations.

Hard bakelite shell for insulation, ours is safety gapped inside, a feature few others have but one that adds an additional safety edge.  Bright-finish ultra-smooth high chrome content stainless steel mandrel fits snugly and smoothly into your wand, fitting flush with the nosecone so there is no electrical leakage.  Colors:  Satin black and bright silver stainless steel.

INCLUDED FREE:  The candelabra base insert that fits inside this adaptor.  It adapts small base (candelabra base) household lightbulbs as violet wand electrodes.  This 2-piece set will provide you with infinite possibilities.


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