Comb Electrodes

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Comb Electrodes

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Standard Comb

Intensity 5

Comb electrode spreads the charge out across its teeth to cover more area.  Extra long comb has its teeth set in an arc to naturally follow curved areas.  The charge is spread out over all its teeth to cover more surface, as the spark jumps from each tine.  Perfect for lifting those hairs on edge.  Comb is angled differently than the rake, which some users prefer on how they approach their subject with their wand.

Condensor Combs

Intensity 7

This comb is a bit different.  It is a condensor comb.  Condensor electrodes have metal structures inside their glass envelopes which carry more current, so this electrode is a powerhouse.  The spiral structure inside the comb electrode’s stem gives off a very bright glow as well.


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