Anti-Mouse Spice Bags

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Anti-Mouse Spice Bags

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These bags are a wonderful blend of spices in a mesh bag designed to allow the scent to help repel mice from making a home in your RV, Trailer or home. Although many factors come into play to repel mice, these blends have been proven to be disliked by mice and will make anywhere you place them an unfriendly environment for mice.

The bags last approx. 5-6 months which works perfect for winterizing. The scent is a pleasing Christmas like smell.

Choose the add mint option for $2 more per order to help repel spiders as well.

Place the bags in cupboards, closets, near doors and openings, under beds, in drawers and anywhere that might allow access for a mouse to enter your RV.

*** Pet Warning ***

Be sure to avoid placing these anywhere they can be licked or chewed on by pets including Dogs and Cats as some of the oils contained in the spices can be toxic if ingested by pets.

*Please be sure to select the correct Shipping method (Mouse Bags USA or Canada) to ensure flat rate pricing on your order.

All orders will be prepared and shipped within 24 hours of ordering. US orders will arrive in approx. 5-7 business days, Canadian Orders will arrive in 2-3 business days.

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