LightSaber Electrode

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12″ Lightsaber

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This light saber electrode is 12″ of a sexy glow in a slim style probe.

Phosphors on the interior of the electrode give it  a very steady glow PLUS they boost the intensity over regular glass electrodes by 2 times.  So this makes this light saber electrode one of the more itense electrodes that also is very, very visual.  You rarely have a super intense output in a glass electrode, and you rarely have a visual as striking as this one.

Our light saber electrode is 3 times as long as those found elsewhere, because we know you want a light saber, not a light stub.

You can spark anywhere along this electrode or from the tip.  As a super added bonus, there is an acrylic buffer on the tip of the light saber that means you can touch your subject and have it spark without grounding out.  So dodge, parry, swing, stab, pierce, thrust, jab, poke, sweep, press and hold, and your partner will not be able to get away from the intense and constant spark.


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